Accurate data capture & high-level reporting with Acoem Australasia blast monitoring

18 May 2020

The Acoem Blast Monitoring System continues to report accurate data no matter where you are located

Acoem Australasia is committed to providing customers with certainty, no matter their individual circumstances. Blast monitoring data capture is an exceptional example of this.

Setting the benchmark, the NATA accredited Acoem Dynamaster® Blast Monitoring System continues its stellar track record of reporting accurate and precise data from high-risk environments, where maintaining defensible blasting positions is of the utmost importance.

‘100% Capture Rate: 100% Certainty’ guarantee

The driving force behind Dynamaster® is the team of experts from Acoem’s dedicated Environmental Reporting Services (ERS) department. ERS and the Dynamaster® software’s advanced triggering methods work together to ensure that 100 % blast capture rate is achieved.

The ERS team continues to uphold its vision of ‘never missing a blast’ even during alternate working arrangements. This shows the adaptive effectiveness in mitigating reliability issues using the blast monitoring system.

Report extract showing exceptional blast capture (99.96%) for the month of March and (99.50%) for the month of April 2020

In March and April 2020, the reports show that the blast monitoring team was able to navigate through the challenges and continue to provide reliable blast monitoring services to customers.

Taking care of day-to-day monitoring means that customers can focus on their core work, saving them time and money.

Data management from all angles

The ERS blast monitoring team performs all data management functions from data download, validation and reporting, to live data on the web and coordination of on-site repairs and maintenance.

ERS continues to monitor blasts remotely thanks to Dynamaster®, taking precautionary actions, focusing on maintenance, finding and fixing faults and providing high-level reporting.

The availability of accurate and reliable blast results is one of the many benefits of Dynamaster®. Automatically collected and accessible within minutes of the blast, Dynamaster® allows for ease of viewing, producing and interacting with reports thanks to the continuous, effective supervision of the remote software package.

Precise & Reliable Results – Every Time

In a single day, Acoem Australasia’s blast monitoring team observes around 30 blasts from nearly 200 sites across the country.

New blast monitoring customers are assigned an ERS team member who is completely dedicated to their account and whose task is to guarantee that precise and reliable results are delivered regularly.

“To ensure certainty in data capture, it is important to have an exceptional level of expertise within the blast monitoring quality control team,” said Taral Madhiwala, Acoem Blast Monitoring professional.

“At Acoem Australasia, we are very fortunate to have highly skilled analysts, technicians and engineers who all contribute to the level of accuracy we provide,” he added.

Acoem Australasia is available to assist with all your blast monitoring needs. Contact your region’s Domestic Business Manager, email us at or call +61 3 9730 7800.

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