Acoem AIoT Solutions Unlock the power of data

A new era of machine health, reliability and performance

Presenting Acoem AIoT which combines Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent machine failures and improve machine performance. 

A machine health solution allows companies to switch from these older approaches to one that can sense precisely when machines will experience a reduction of performance, prescribe corrective actions and operational adjustments to avoid it, and schedule necessary maintenance.

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The Complete Machine Health Solution
Easy to deploy, adopt and scale

Is machine health and reliability a challenge for you?

Most manufacturers have yet to embrace maintenance, reliability and asser management as core drivers of their digital transformation strategy. We all know that machines are critical and that we need to address issues before they cause a catastrophe.But, that work requires significant manual resources and still results in frequent downtime, production loss and supply chain disruptions.

It’s challenging to predict industrial failaures using operating hours or life cycles. The impacts of unplanned downtime aare xpensive and varied, but the most common consequence is the inability to deliver  products or services, which translates directly into lost revenue.

Improve Uptime and equipment effectiveness while reducing risk and optmizing asset care.

Improve Uptime and OEE
Reduce unplanned downtime events and increase equipment availability
Reduce Maintenance and Inventory costs
Prevent significant repair, replacement and labor costs and extend asset life by detecting issues early and addressing root causesand insight based actions
Reduce risk of incidents by monitoring hard to reach, remote and dangerous equipment, while ensuring machines are working in their optmial modes for a safe work environment
Futureproof investment
Quick ROI: no capex and results from day 1! A solution to skills challenge and guarantee of program efficciency despite potential turnover
AI enabled
Accurex combines AI-driven analysis of millions of machine signals with expert verification. Ensuring right level of skills working on your machine asset
On demand access to Acoem worldwide experts
Our advisor team is just a click away from being able to diagnose your machine conditions. They can collaborate to eliminate emerging issues and optimize production processes

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Actionable data starting from day 1

AI-driven diagnostic solution driving industrial performance : Accurex.

Accurex successfully manages about 80% of the machine and 80% of the defects operating in various industries!

Monitoring expertise available around the clock

An Advisor service contract gives you access to our team of expert technicians at any time. 

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Faults managed by the patended Acoem Accurex

  • Bearing / Lubrication
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Structural resonance
  • Pump cavitation
  • Gear wear
  • Shoks / modulation resulting from looseness or electrical defects
  • Other ISO defect (soft foot, belt wear, nearby distrubance)
  • Suspicious machine

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