What drives us

Human progress is all about finding the right balance between developing human activity and preserving planet resources Acoem is committed to constantly improving this balance

We believe in balance. We believe that human activity doesn’t have to get in the way of preserving the environment. But we also believe that preserving the environment doesn’t have to get in the way of human activity. We empower clients to find balance.

Acoem invests in strong & long-lasting working relationships with clients, stakeholders & Acoem talent.
We strongly believe that technology, science & data can drive better client outcomes for the future.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where clients no longer see standards as something that holds them back, but moves them forward.
Our vision is a world where clients no longer see standards as just doing things good, but as doing good things.

Our purpose

We exist to link possibilities with protection. Acoem is the only technology provider that connects all the environments that a client needs to protect, with the potential of the company doing the protecting, so that more organizations can experience new opportunities for their industry

Creating environments of possibility

Acoem Opens Up New Horizons. Whether it’s to protect the environment, protect your employees, protect your efficiency or protect your equipment, every client has standards to meet at some point and in one way or another. Like buying insurance, most organizations see these standards as a necessary burden. But the truth is much more powerful. Because with the right technology and the right data, they can actually reveal newer, bigger and more exciting  opportunities. As a data solutions provider, Acoem’s services and products intersect with clients at the moments when drive is key. It’s at these moments where Acoem can help focus on the opportunities that true balance can provide.

Our manifesto

This is all about showing what we can do for companies, cities, public authorities, and the environments they exist in. Both the environment they create for themselves as well as the environment they share with everyone else.

The world they created for themselves, one they share with everyone else. And the one they created for themselves as well.
– It’s about connecting the potential of improving both environments with the potential of the company itself.
– It’s about turning preconceived notions about standards on their head
– It’s about turning limitations into innovation.
– It’s about the power of potential.