“Noise is usually the first sign of danger – so hearing, then seeing the exact hazard should be your #1 priority”.

Give your first responders the power of combined sound and sight

Protect and secure public areas wherever surveillance is critical

Combat-proven technology for civilian security applications

Acoem pioneered acoustic gunshot detection 25 years ago and has successfully deployed the technology in military operations around the world, including US Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are now partnering with civilian security operators and surveillance equipment manufacturers to help law enforcement and first responders make faster, more informed tactical response decisions to emergency situations – creating safer cities and venues.

Compact and lightweight, Acoem Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) modules are easy to install and integrate with existing or new visual monitoring equipment in public spaces. 

Within a matter of hours, individual monitoring devices or a network of modules can be installed and connected to a communication network. Wireless and battery / solar panel powering options are also available.

“Acoem Acoustic Threat Detection detects, localises, raises an alarm and communicates with security cameras, automatically directing them to the precise location of the threat.”

Real-time data for improved decision making

  • Automatically pinpoints acoustic incident zones
  • Significantly increases detection, identification & visualisation of the threat in real time. 
  • Distinguishes the source & type of disturbance – gunshot, breaking glass, screaming, drone incursion, car accident, crowd stampede etc.
  • Data is processed & transmitted to a command centre or individual enabled devices immediately
  • A single interface provides precise mapping coordinates, incident event logs, live video & detailed descriptions

Give your surveillance system the power of hearing

Portability, affordability and flexibility of design mean that ATD modules can be installed indoors or out, wherever surveillance is necessary – from stadiums and educational institutions to airports and houses of worship. They are also an ideal solution for special events and one-off security projects.

  • RECEIVE accurate & time-sensitive data from the field
    (geographical positioning, incident typology, frequency, criticality, etc)
  • ENABLE faster & more targeted incident responses
  • DISTINGUISH critical incidents from false alarms
  • REASSURE the community & increase its sense of security
  • TRACK incidents to help facilitate investigation

Reputation and trust

Acoem is an approved security solution provider endorsed by France’s Strategic Security Committee (CSF) for major events including the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Leading edge technology

Acoem is committed to exploring new avenues and technology, like optronics and artificial neural networks, to make further gains in the quality of threat detection analysis and response times.

Tailor-designed solutions

The algorithm used to identify particular acoustic frequencies can also be used to work with traffic management systems to impede or assist movement in the incident zone.