Monitoring air quality

The Acoem range of Serinus® gas analysers have been designed using our experience and knowledge gained from operating large air quality monitoring networks for more than 40 years. The result? Instruments that integrate seamlessly into continuous monitoring networks.


Precise & Reliable

Performance at Excellent Value
Superior remote instrument control, diagnostic viewing and calibration means that time spent on site is minimised. Reliable performance, comprehensive data logging, and a two-year warranty is also included.

Simple to view, configure and share

Programming, viewing, downloading and sharing of data is made even simpler using Bluetooth connectivity combined with the Serinus® Remote Android app. The rack slide design also makes accessing internal components and removing the analyser from a rack cabinet easy.

Data logging

With a USB flash memory storing the internal data logger that can log up to 12 of 200+ parameters, and automatic and manual parameter list save, the Serinus® Series can be tailored and configured to the specific needs of a project.

Serinus 10               Ozone (O3) Analyser
Serinus 30               Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyser
Serinus 40               Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2, NOx) Analyser
Serinus 50               Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Analyser
Serinus 60               Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Analyser