Why going for wireless remote monitoring & diagnostic of critical pumps? 

Customer: Confidential
Country: Brazil
Application: Mining

The Challenge

  • Critical machines requiring frequent data collection
  • Dangerous environment and long distances are unsuitable and expensive for frequent manual measurements or instruments with wired monitoring systems
  • Facilitate operations management by connecting the asset health indication to Schneider Electric’s dashboards

The Solution

The interconnected automation and wireless remote diagnostic solution ACOEM EAGLE enables the automatic collection of vibration data for remote diagnostic purposes as well as the publication of edge computed condition monitoring indicators for immediate display in EcoStruxure:

-Seamless digital integration of condition monitoring capabilities to SE ecosystem in Modbus TCP

-Cable-free solution with coverage of several hundred meters in harsh environments

-Early fault detection capabilities including on bearings and cavitation defects

-Compliant with remote  and centralized expertise architecture

“It was difficult to get the data collected and analyzed as often as needed to avoid unexpected failures. We now have 24/7 access to our critical pump’s health  status, even in remote locations.”
Tech lead, Leading company of the mining sector in Brazil

Check out this use case deployed in the Mining industry together with our wireless EAGLE solution integrated into Schneider Electric ecosystem.