The worst noises are those we associate with a lack of respect for others“.

Reduce noise pollution by targeting emergencies linked to inappropriate behavior
To prevent a few from undermining the tranquility of an entire neighborhood

A detailed analysis of ambient noise

Acoem innovates to provide cities with the tools to act effectively against certain peaks in noise pollution that are particularly badly experienced. The ATD system provides detailed acoustic data by use to facilitate discussion and decision making. It also offers the possibility to identify real time each source that exceeds regulatory thresholds, thus paving the way for automated sanction systems such as anti-noise radar.

Examples of indicators:

  • Breakdown of the sound power emitted by vehicle category
  • Link between sound power and traffic speed
  • Emergencies that can be verbalized (type of source, number, time slot, etc.)
  • Incompressible threshold (rolling noise on the roadway).

Smart acoustic sensors + cameras + operating interface

The ATD system is based on metrological quality acoustic sensors, enriched with artificial intelligence thanks to 30 years of experience in sound signatures reconnaissance  in the military and civilian sectors.

It is associated with cameras and operating interfaces tailored to meet the various needs expressed by cities:

  • Validation of the effects of new mobility strategies on noise pollution
  • Preservation of quiet areas
  • Concrete action on very localized hot spots
  • Reduction of noise behavior while driving, in bars
  • Educational programs on the individual contribution to noise pollution
  • Reduction of noise control work by the police
  • Prevention of urban rodeos.

Act collectively to reduce noise

Thanks to the volume of information collected and the power of ATD’s artificial intelligence algorithms, it becomes possible to isolate relevant data to better understand noise pollution under real conditions of use.

These data offer the entire industrial ecosystem the opportunity to innovate more quickly to reduce noise in the city:

  • Manufacturers (cars, two-wheelers)
  • Manufacturers of road surfaces, retarders
  • Designers of soundproofing solutions
  • Suppliers of surveillance and traffic management systems
  • Speed camera manufacturers,

ATD system

Industrial reliability
Acoem has been manufacturing, for more than 30 years, on an industrial scale, acoustic measurement devices approved in metrology. Our mission is to provide perfectly reliable data, whatever the envisaged application.

Integration into existing infrastructures
We adapt our solutions by leveraging the infrastructure already in place to reduce investment costs and simplify monitoring of indicators.

SaaS solutions
We offer turnkey solutions in the form of service contracts, so that the fight against noise pollution is accessible to all agglomerations and produces effects from the first euro invested.

This project is part of the LOM92 orientation law on mobility from the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. 

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