The most versatile system for geometry checks in machine tools

MT30 is a designed measurement system for complete geometry checks of any type of machine tools. It contains sensors, fixtures, and software to perform geometry checks on machine tools with both horizontal and vertical spindles in e.g.  lathes, turning centers, milling machines and machining centers.


Multi sensor communication

The MT30 includes five smart sensors, dedicated programs and fixtures for geometry checks quickly and with high accuracy. By combining the measaurement data from multiple sensors, you can obtain several results from one single measurement, such as:

  • Horizontal straightness errors
  • Vertical straightness errors
  • Pitch errors
  • Roll errors
  • Machine feet conditions
  • Foundation errors

Userfriendly graphical user interface

The system contains several measurement programs each with dedicated iconbased user interface to guide the user through the entire procedure.  Easy to understand and flexible enough to be used on a high variaty of machines makes it possible for anyone to use the system.

Watch in the video clip how a strevel measurement is performed!

ISO-standard compliant

All measurements made by MT30 are performed according to ISO standards to ensure correct evaluation of machine performance. Procedures used are based upon the same principles as described in the different ISO standards for the different machine types.