Geometry checks of horizontal lathes and turning centers

With the MT20, you have a dedicated tool that performs full geometry checks of horizontal lathes and turning centers in less than 45 minutes and with full documentation!


All you need in one case

The MT20 system is delivered with all its sensors, fixtures and acessories for all the required measurements, in one rugged trolley case. It can be transported and shipped without any risk of damaging the measuring equipment. MT20 is designed to be used in work shop environment.

Live adjustments of spindles and live tools

MT20 gives the possiblilities to quickly and accurately determine the rotational direction of spindles and live tools by using dedicated programs in the system. At the same time, corrections can be made by using functions with live values, making this time consuming task to be done in a fraction of the time that is normally required.

Squareness measurements

Squareness measurements in lathe and turning centers can be difficult and complicated. MT20 solves those problems by using laser sensors, fixtures and dedicated software which guides the user through the entire procedure and makes it easy to interpret and evaluate the results.