Get the basics done!

MT15 is a system that allows you to do all the essential geometry checks for horizontal machine tools. With this system you can quickly get an overview of the geometrical status on your machines with horizontal spindles.


Two sensors for all measurements

MT15 contains two laser sensors that are used for multiple measurements in the machine. Geometry checks like straightness, spindle direction, coaxiallity and squareness are all done with one pair of laser sensors. Software and fixtures are included in the system to do all essential checks needed to evaluate the geometric condition of your machine.

On-site report

Like in all MT systems, all the measurements results can be saved and full documentation can be made in a pdf format, directly on site. The possibility to generate full on-site reports eliminates the need to do spend hours at the office just to make a protocol and minimize the risk of mistakes when doing post processing of the measuring results.


The MT15 system can at any time be upgraded with sensors, softwares or fixtures to expand its capacity and to cover more applications or more types of machine tools. There are several accessories and dedicated upgrade packages available which makes it possible to upgrade your system to any configuration you need in the future.