Digital 2-axes levelling sensor

The Level sensor is a 2-axes levelling sensor that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile device using an app. It can be delivered in two versions, either as a single sensor system or as a dual sensor system.


Remote display for live corrections

By connecting the 2-axes Level sensor wirelessly to a mobile device, you will have a remote display which can be carried around the machine when setting it in level. The sensor can be placed inside the machine and the operator can be in the back adjusting the machine feet, while displaying values in both axes, live on the screen.

Large measuring range and high accuracy

The Level sensor has a unique combination of a large measuring range (± 100 mm/m) and high accuracy (±0,005 mm/m) in its entire measuring range, which makes it possible to be mounted in places where traditional levelling sensors cannot be used.

Connecting two sensors at the same time

By connecting two Level sensors it is possible to get the same results in one measurement that normally would take four separate measurements for checking angular deviatons on machine guideways and doing weight distribution on machine beds. Simultaneous recording from two sensors, also makes it possible to get full documentation eliminating any need for manual recording.