World Class Reliability That Adapts To Your Organization

Implement a total reliability solution that is custom tailored to the needs of your machinery and organization.


"We installed this wireless sensor a year ago, is it capturing any data?"

"If I had advanced notice, I could have ordered the right parts."

"We have all of this vibration data but nothing tells us what to do."

"Nobody told me that this machine was going to fail."

Do You Have a Misguided Maintenance Strategy?

The average industrial plant faces constant challenges with machine downtime, skills gaps, limited insights into machine condition, and unexpected costs associated with maintenance.

These problems along with a lack of basic knowledge and skills leave many maintenance programs floundering with a misguided strategy for achieving even basic asset reliability.

Meet Advisor

Advisor is a condition-based maintenance strategy that seamlessly integrates into an organization’s maintenance program to increase asset integrity and availability.

How It Works

Upon receipt of a list of critical rotating assets from the client, our maintenance experts develop a custom-tailored plan to monitor the condition of their machines utilizing vibration analysis and other predictive technologies.

The Advisor process will always be unique to the needs of the client, however, the steps below outline the essentials.

Hover over each step to learn more:


Data Collection

. Data Collection

After we determine the most effective method of monitoring for each asset (handheld route-based, wireless sensors, and/or continuous monitoring), vibration data is collected.


Vibration Analysis

. Vibration Analysis

Once vibration data is collected, our remote team of level 3 and 4 vibration experts analyze the data and report findings within 24 hours.


Actionable Data

. Actionable Data

The results of each machinery analysis are immediately available to view in the Advisor Dashboard, our secure, web-based, data visualization tool. We advise on the how, what, and when to fix each problem.


Corrective Action

. Corrective Action

If machine faults are identified, maintenance becomes the next logical step. We will be by the client’s side throughout the process to help troubleshoot any roadblocks that are encountered.

Advisor Dashboard

The Advisor Dashboard is a web-based data visualization tool for securely storing and managing a database of the client’s rotating machinery. This is the place for:

  • Receiving Actionable Data
  • Overviewing the Health of All Assets
  • Historical Data
  • Prioritizing Maintenance

Engineer The Problems Out

  • Root Cause Failure AnalysisBeyond the resolution of current or immediate problems, utilizing historical data found within the Advisor program, our reliability experts identify possible candidates for Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) and work with the client to eliminate repetitive and highly visible failures.
  • Additional Predictive TechnologiesAs the program matures and value is realized, Advisor allows for the seamless integration of additional predictive technologies such as Oil Analysis, Motor Testing, and Thermography to further increase the total reliability of the facility.

The Total Reliability Solution

Increase Asset Integrity and Availability
Receive machine fault diagnostics and advice on the "how, what, and when" to fix each problem. The result? Assets that are healthy and running.
Lower Life Cycle Costs
Cut costs associated with inefficient operations, asset maintenance, and replacement parts.
Implement a Sustainable CBM Program
Eliminate the guesswork in your maintenance program and allow your team to accomplish more through the support of actionable machine data.
Partner with Machinery & Reliability Experts
Benefit from our unrivaled expertise in maintenance, machinery, vibration, and reliability. We supply you with the insights to promote uptime.
Get 24/7 Support and On-Demand Guidance
Talk to us whenever you need a hand. Your assets run around the clock and so does our team of experts.
Utilize Multiple Methods of Data Collection
Capture vibration data through portable, wireless, and/or continuous methods. We'll determine the best options based on machine specific characteristics.


Advisor is a big benefit to our reliability program. By outsourcing analysis of vibration data we are able to take advantage of high level expertise that would otherwise would not be affordable to us.

– Jose Rabell, Maintenance Supervisor

We Are The Reliability Partner.

At Acoem, we understand that implementing a reliability program is not as simple as buying software or installing wireless sensors.

Improving reliability requires an in-depth understanding of organizational pains, rotating machinery, available resources, and integration of multiple maintenance strategies.

It’s not easy to create a world-class maintenance program, but an Advisor can help.


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