Class 1 3G Sound Level Meter

FUSION has become FUSION 3G !
The only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyzer on the market, FUSION is now delivered as standard with its 3G modem and several options (Trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators, Push Data…). These innovations make the sound level meter the most complete in its category at a reduced price. With 3G FUSION, 01dB gives you more, at a reduced cost. With only one device, you can carry out all your measurements (environment, buildings, monitoring…). Discover all the new additions.


Stay Connected with 3G FUSION

3G FUSION is now delivered as standard with its 3G modem. This innovation will pave the way for your communication:

  • Control measurement settings
  • Download acoustic, metrological and vibration data
  • Store perfectly organized information
  • Listen to noise measured in real time
  • Display data in real time
  • Receive SMS notifications if thresholds are exceeded

And this is just the beginning. New services will shortly be available for your 3G FUSION.

Even More Powerful

In addition to its modem, 3G FUSION is equipped with many standard functions like:

  • The simple Trigger module, which lets you set an event detection filter
  • Advanced indicators (new feature) like sliding Leq dose, PNL, PNLT
  • Push Data (new feature), which lets you easily and automatically send data to a server

To make it more powerful, we have also added commands for integrators, allowing you to remotely control your 3G FUSION and connect it to our 01dB WebMonitoring service.

Optimize Your Costs

By giving you access to the best of 3G FUSION, we have decided to give you more, at a reduced cost. 3G FUSION is now available in 3 versions (Logger, Analyzer and Expert), at the price of previous Wi-Fi versions (without a 3G modem). With the integration of new standard functions including the modem, 3G FUSION is the most accessible and connected sound level meter on the market. With 3G FUSION, we help you to digitize acoustic measurement, with the best value for money.

ACOEM Ecosystem

The ACOEM ecosystem is all about synergy between the products in its new range. ORION, FUSION SLM, 3G FUSION, DUO and CUBE : 5 devices, 5 uses, and one single ecosystem focused on improving your productivity. To this end, they all operate in the same way when it comes to the integrated keyboard and Web interface. They use identical data processing software. And they all share the same accessories.
These complementary and innovation-packed systems offer harmonized and intuitive interfaces so as to ensure major time-savings for users.

Guaranted metrology

FUSION 3G is an IEC 61-672 class 1 solution approved in several countries.
During an acoustic measurement, the measured sources are generally multiple with a varied position with respect to the measurement point (ground transportation, aircraft, industrial sources, construction sites, …).
FUSION 3G can be used for measurements in both 0 ° and 90 ° reference directions (with DMK01 unit).

Calibration and verification

To simplify the installation of a FUSION on the site, a function for the automatic detection of a calibration acoustic source allows the performance of a calibration and adjustments without the user needing to do anything more than switch the device on. Furthermore, to ensure proper operation, an integrated measurement-chain verification system performs periodic checks. Electrical verification allows the testing of the entire measurement chain, including the microphone. It consists of injecting an alternating sinusoidal load on the microphone’s terminals at the selected frequencies at one or two levels. The principle is to read reference values and check the deviation with respect to other measured values over time.

Events module

FUSION incorporates an event-detection filter system that is easy to configure.
The user can define an event, comprising a trigger that can be programmed over a maximum of 24 time periods. All parameters (overall level, spectral level, sliding Leq, meteorological parameters, etc.) instantaneously stored at the logging interval can be used to define a trigger. Each event can be activated according to the day of the week, and can trigger different actions: digital coding, recording of an audio signal (WAV), triggering of a parallel recording with a faster logging interval, sending of a customized text message, etc.

Wireless vibration

Deploying cables reduces operational efficiency, so FUSION eliminates the need! For the first time, wireless three-axis vibration measurement is available on a sound level meter. The three vibrational signals are recorded at the same time as the metrological audio recording and acoustic indicators (instantaneous and spectral). All these measurements can be processed directly using 01dB software programs such as dBTRAIT and dBFA.
Innovative, simple and above all extremely effective!

Building Module

The “Building Acoustics” module for FUSION was developed to improve the productivity of building acoustics technicians when measuring the acoustic performance of buildings. Its 2018 version brings its share of new features:

  • View test results on your 3G FUSION screen
  • Start or stop a measurement via your Web interface
  • Eliminate noise in your measurement in dBInside
  • Calculate standardized ratings according to ISO 16283 standard
  • Stay informed about new dBInside versions
  • Modify the type of measurement – Done
  • Trial dBInside free of charge with the new version of Viewer

To find out more, discover 01dB Smart Building Acoustics Solution!

DMK01 external unit

The installation of a FUSION sometimes requires the use of an external microphone line. To respond to this need, 01dB offers the new DMK01 unit, that comprises:

  • stainless-steel body
  • specific preamplifier allowing the re-use of the microphone and spike supplied with DUO
  • specific anti-wind ball
  • a dummy microphone to protect DUO when the microphone is removed.

The unit connects to DUO’s preamplifier input via a cable of 3 to 50 metres in length. The periodic electrical verification function remains available.

Weather interface

FUSION offers the ability to interface with the VAISALA WXT536 (six sensors) and WXT532 (two sensors) stations. 01dB chose these two stations as neither features moving parts. This avoids any risk of mechanical malfunction as a result of freezing temperatures or wear. The weather station and FUSION share a power supply with a 10 m cable connecting the two units, thereby offering excellent flexibility when installing the system.
Meteorological data is stored on the FUSION system and transmitted in the same way as acoustic data (WiFi, 3G modem, USB cable, etc.). The logging interval for meteorological data is a multiple of the acoustic logging interval. Using the remote interface, the user can view the wind speed and direction (and possibly additional weather data) in real time.


In addition to its technical performance, FUSION comes with numerous accessories to facilitate day-to-day use:

  • handle
  • DMK01 outdoor microphone unit
  • DSC01 autonomous (up to 30 days) and weatherproof case
  • interface with weather station (two or six sensors)
  • TM01 tapping machine
  • omnidirectional and directional noise sources.