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CONGREGO® Series Generic data loggers are not designed to meet the special needs of environmental monitoring. When your business or research team is committed to ensuring the best possible air quality and accurate environmental monitoring, relying on generic data loggers is a risk. Features Downloads Features [...]

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Trace gas & isotope analyser Based on Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), the SpectronusTM is the only trace gas analyser with the ability to quantify real-time measurements of multiple gases and isotypes simultaneously, within the single instrument. Principally intended for in-situ sampling and air analysis, it accurately detects and quantifies nitrous oxide [...]

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Superior hyperlocal air quality monitoring AQMesh is a small-sensor monitoring system designed to measure air quality and provide real-time localised air quality information and data analysis. Individually, or as a network of pods, AQMesh measures key pollutants in ambient air using the best small sensor technology combined with proprietary data processing based [...]

BAM Series

BAM Series The Acoem BAM series uses the beta ray attenuation method in real-time to detect PM in ambient air. This provides users and regulators with accurate and precise measurement of particulate matter. Features Downloads Features SpirantTM BAM The SpirantTM BAM automatically [...]

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