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Vibration monitoring terminal ORION is the latest addition to the Acoem monitoring range, covering all vibrations created by human activity. Taking the best features from DUO and CUBE, ORION offers unique features for vibration monitoring. Features Downloads Features New standards: ISO 2631-2:1989 and [...]

Smart Building Acoustic Solutions

Building acoustics solution Acoem Smart Building Acoustics Solution enables building acoustics technicians to enhance their productivity in the field and also in the office. The Acoem solution includes an embedded module in a sound level meter (FUSION or DUO), dBInside software running on a PC, a sound source and a tapping machine (LS01, [...]


Noise monitoring terminal The noise monitoring terminal of choice for environmental consultants, building sites and industries around the world, Cube™ features 4G mobile connectivity built in — no external modem required. Designed for every application, Cube can be adapted to suit your needs: portable in a weather-proof carrying case or stationary in a [...]

dB Inside

Building acoustics dBInside is a post-processing software program dedicated to sound insulation and reverberation time measurements performed with sound level meters FUSION Smart Noise & Vibration Analyzer, DUO Smart Noise Monitor and SOLO Black Edition. It takes into account international standards (ISO 717, ISO 140, etc.). It is fully suited to building acoustics applications: [...]


Class 1 4G Sound Level Meter Fusion™ by Acoem is the only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyser on the market with a built-in 4G modem and your choice of trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators and push data options. With Fusion 4G, conduct all your measurements — environmental, buildings and/or monitoring [...]


Noise monitor Acoem introduces the new version of the DUO Smart Noise Monitor. Totally modular, DUO provides its users with the most complete offering to upgrade from sound-level meter to monitoring station without changing equipment. Features Downloads Features Acoem ecosystem The Acoem [...]

Real-time monitoring systems

Real-time monitoring systems Acoem online systems are intended for continuous multi-channel monitoring solution for critical rotating equipment. The real time automatic analysis of vibration data helps preventing from any failure to happen. The evolution of the machine condition is monitored with unrivalled accuracy, so that faults can be detected at a very early [...]

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NESTi4.0 predictive maintenance software

NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software Connect your digital factory with Nest i4.0 software suite to harness the power of Acoem’s Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create a fully integrated predictive maintenance ecosystem. The only predictive maintenance software you will ever need, NESTi4.0 works seamlessly with two of Acoem’s signature vibration measurement [...]

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Wireless monitoring system EAGLE is a wireless monitoring system for critical rotating machinery. It measures automatically vibration in three directions as well as the bearing temperature. Its measurement performances make of EAGLE the best wireless diagnostic solution available on the vibration analysis market. Features Downloads Features [...]

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