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MT-30 geometry checks of machine tools

The most versatile system for geometry checks in machine tools MT30 is a designed measurement system for complete geometry checks of any type of machine tools. It contains sensors, fixtures, and software to perform geometry checks on machine tools with both horizontal and vertical spindles in e.g.  lathes, turning centers, milling machines [...]

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Offre de télé-services ACOEM Advisor

Offre de télé-services ACOEM Advisor Il n’a jamais été aussi important de rester connectés à l’état de vos machines qu’en cette période post-COVID. Vous avez besoin de redémarrer rapidement votre production, dans un contexte de distanciation sociale, de restrictions budgétaires et de carence de ressources qui ne vous permet pas d’assurer la [...]

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CONGREGO® Series Generic data loggers are not designed to meet the special needs of environmental monitoring. When your business or research team is committed to ensuring the best possible air quality and accurate environmental monitoring, relying on generic data loggers is a risk. Features Downloads Features [...]

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Lighting Measurement LUMIOS MkIII

Luminance analyser A self-contained intelligent analyser that measures the level of brightness or luminance created by natural light around tunnel portals. When integrated with a managed tunnel lighting system, its measurements ensure that drivers’ visual perception is maintained day and night, avoiding sudden variations and potential “black hole effects” when entering and [...]

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Airflow Monitoring AIRFLOW MKII

Fixed point tunnel anemometer A robust, self-contained airflow monitor designed to measure air velocity (and temperature when specified) in confined underground spaces. Using short-path ultrasound measurement technology with time of flight differential, it provides consistent and accurate measurements. Data forms part of a ventilation control air quality management system. Suitable for tunnel, [...]

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