Acoem Introduces Cadence ™ – Cloud ecosystem for holistic noise & vibration monitoring

Sound surrounds our living and working spaces. But when that sound becomes noise, it doesn’t just hurt our ears, it affects businesses as well as communities. The breakthrough Acoem CadenceTM Noise Monitoring System captures the clamour through smart data and ensures that the sounds of progress are not drowned out by noise pollution.

Cadence ™: A leap / major step forward in secure, flexible & affordable noise monitoring

Cadence™ is the outcome of Acoem’s 50+ years of extensive expertise in noise and vibration monitoring technology. It enhances noise monitoring technology, breakdowns entry barriers and shortens the path between monitoring and informed action for governments, industries, and communities. Designed as a simple, efficient and cost-effective platform, it effortlessly and seamlessly acts as a platform to connect all Acoem noise monitoring devices in one user-friendly ecosystem. 

Cadence™ was created to:

  • Help better understand & control your soundscape 
  • Enable easy interface with captured data & use it to make better decisions
  • Give greater choice & freedom when it comes to establishing a sustainable noise monitoring system
  • Remove reliance on extensive hardware or infrastructure — such as IT, sensors and servers — to get the highest quality data.

Designed for any environment anywhere, 24×7

Delivering on-demand integration for any application

Cadence™ is designed to cut out the cacophony and go straight to the heart of the noise source. Be it across construction sites, industrial zones or even wind parks, it is enabling the world to tackle the common nuisance of noise pollution. 

According to Kévin Cormier, N&V Business Leader, at Acoem France, “Cadence is a game changer that bridges the gap between data and informed decision. As a pain reliever, it empowers stakeholders to make sound decisions with deep insights, reliability and confidence.”


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Smart & secure data at the heart of sound decisions

Big data to give you the bigger picture on noise pollution

CadenceTM carries an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that has a future-proof, Cloud-based delivery system, ensuring greater security of data and ability to share with authorised individuals. Cadence™ also allows for compatibility with existing systems like security cameras and the exporting of data for the creation of reports or publishing on public-facing websites as required.  

Seamless integration with end-to-end data security 

The Cadence API enables customers with their own web platforms or those with third party web platforms, to easily connect with their device and manage their SOH. Moreover communication security is ensured with an MQTTs protocol. 

We are all proud and excited to deliver data as a service solution that will help overcome big challenges for industries, governments and citizens across the world” commented Charles-Etienne Lamort, Product Application Specialist for the Noise & Vibration at Acoem.

Cadence™ gives you complete monitoring autonomy

Focus on your core business, while Cadence takes care of your data needs

At Acoem we truly believe that the wheels of progress can accelerate without making much noise. With Cadence™ you and your authorised team members have total control over every monitoring project, each device or an entire network of sensors at the touch of a button.

Cadence™ is the evolution of Acoem’s mission to find the right balance between progress and preservation and focus on the needs of our stakeholders.  

“At Acoem we believe that we have a huge responsibility to empower future generations of businesses and societies to be more focused and productive, and be less distracted by noise in the world”, concluded  Kévin Cormier.

To learn more about how Acoem Cadence™ can assist with your specific noise monitoring application, visit contact