BAM Series

The Acoem BAM series uses the beta ray attenuation method in real-time to detect PM in ambient air.
This provides users and regulators with accurate and precise measurement of particulate matter.


SpirantTM BAM

The SpirantTM BAM automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentrations using the beta ray attenuation method. It is designed by the US EPA as Federal Equivalent Method for PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring.  It is also designed to run continuously with only monthly or bi-monthly scheduled maintenance.

BAM 1022

The BAM 1022, Real-Time Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor, continuously measures the mass concentration of ambient particulate matter collected onto glass filter tape with time resolution of one-minute. The BAM 1022 also offers in-situ measurement of PM providing high-accuracy and minimal measurement artifacts.

Exactus™ BAM

The Exactus™ BAM is a portable, real-time beta gauge built to satisfy users, regulators and those from the health community by providing truly accurate, precise and automatic measurement of fine particulate matter. It automatically measures and records airborne PM10 or PM2.5 particulate concentration levels using the principle of beta ray attenuation.