AT-200 – the smart laser alignment tool

With the smart AT-200 alignment tool, Acoem takes shaft alignment into the Industry 4.0 world!


Smart alignment for smart maintenance

Connectivity, mobile devices, cloud-based platform and apps are integrated in the AT-200 making it a smart alignment tool for short response time between machine failures and corrective actions. The smart sensors use CCD technology for a superior measurement performance and precision alignment. All you need for a smart maintenance routine!

Patented adaptive user interface

Our patented icon-based and color-coded user interface makes it easy to measure, align, and document each job. In order to minimize the risk of operator errors, we developed an adaptive user interface for our alignment systems.

This adaptive user interface guides the user throughout the job in logical and easy to follow steps. It will deliver measurement and correction values based on what the system finds during the alignment process, which provides ease of access throughout a measurement with the AT-200 system.

True Live – You always know your machine’s position with the AT-200

The True Live feature will deliver live measurement values showing the machine’s exact position. Did you interrupt the laser beam? Or move the machine’s position out of detector range? Not a problem, our smart sensors will resume with an updated machine position and always deliver live values to you.